About me

I studied Visual Communication at Bath Academy of Art (1976-1979) and now live in West Sussex. Having worked for over 20 years as a graphic designer in publishing I am now a freelance artist and designer.

I have always had a particular interest in drawing and became fascinated by the wood engravings used as illustrations in countryside books published in the 1950's – particularly engravings by Clare Leighton and Charles Tunnicliffe. In 1984 I made my first print at a weekend course run by Sarah Van Niekerk at West Dean College, but only recently have I begun to develop my own approach as an engraver. I make my own engraving blocks from boxwood felled in Arundel in the 1987 storm, and print them myself on a small press used for proofing letterpress type.

The inspiration for my prints and drawings comes from the natural world, especially landscapes and bird life. I'm attempting to convey the atmosphere of a certain moment that catches my attention – the movement of light across the landscape or the particular flight pattern of a group of birds, and hope that the viewer will gain something of the excitement of that first observation.